Kristy (atomicjedi) wrote in popgraphics,

King of the Hill mood theme

cheerful, crazy, embarrassed, geeky.

A couple of reminders:
1. Only users with paid accounts can have custom mood themes, although there is a way for free accounts to have them too. Read this if you have a free account.
2. All graphics used in this theme are hosted with tinypic, so there is no need to upload each graphic to your own server. In other words, hotlinking is OK.

For a full preview of the theme, click here.


1. Go to the Admin Console.

2. Paste the following into the box:
moodtheme_create "King of the Hill" "by disneygal"

3. Click the "execute" button.

4. After clicking "execute", you'll receive a number. Write it down or copy it. Do not close out of this window yet.

5. Download this file. (Right click on the link and "save as")

6. Open it in your text editor (Notepad).

7. In Notepad, click "edit" then "replace".

8. Replace "#####" with the number that you copied.

9. Click "replace all".

10. Copy everything in the file.

11. Go back to your open browser window and paste everything you just copied from Notepad into the box.

12. Click "execute".

13. Go to the mood theme manager and select the mood theme.

Please credit popgraphics.
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