Kristy (atomicjedi) wrote in popgraphics,

Seinfeld mood theme


(good, contemplative, angry, crazy)

Click here to preview the entire mood theme.

1. Click here to download the graphics.
2. Upload each graphic to your host. (If you don't have a host, sign up with PhotoBucket. It's free.)
3. Go to the mood theme manager page.
4. Under "create a new theme", type a name for your mood (example: Seinfeld), then click "Create".
5. After you create your new theme, you will be taken back to the main mood theme editor page. Find your new Seinfeld theme and click "edit".
6. Enter the url of where each graphic is located (where you uploaded them).
7. When you've finished entering the urls for the graphics, click "save settings".
You're done!

Note: only paid accounts can have custom mood themes..
However, there are ways a free user can have a custom mood them too. Click here for a tutorial.

+ Upload to your own server.
+ Credit popgraphics in your keywords.
+ Comments are always appreciated.
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this is awesome- credit will be given when used! :)
awesome! will credit if used. thanks! :)